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Please help promote the site.

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Please help promote this site by sharing the link on other boards you visit and by telling your friends. Its the only way the site will continue to grow.
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what site???? :confused: lol
This site...:finger:

Of course, I want everybody to follow the rules on other boards. Do not "spam " them as that could come back to haunt us in troll form, LOL.
im telling everyone i know even people who arent into cars haha
I promote it on LS1TECH since I post there most often. I've got a link in my AIM profile too, lol.
i put it in my AIM too. ill see if ls7power will allow me to put a link.
I just seen it on kyfbodys and joined.......i'll pass it around too :cheers:
I've put my banner on LS1 tech I'll try and do it with
Iroc I seen that earlier :rockon: ....I take it nobody has said anything yet. Did you get permission or anything or just put it in your sig and hope for the best lol.
I've put the banner on LS1 tech badjuju has already posted It. as for I'm on the site now posting it
Good luck with thirdgen... I have a feeling there it won't be there for long.
just figured I'd try
Iroc313 said:
just figured I'd try
It's worth a shot :thumbsup:
i'll put the link in my sig over at the impala forum...

on a side note, after reading around i read that this used to be burnoutbox....i was registered there too and was wondering what happened when the site disappeared
No, this site sucks..

Frosty said:
No, this site sucks..

Much like you?:poke: :finger:
Just kicking this back up.
We have a few EFA guys posting I see, and let me contact some of the DE chapter members:
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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