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Pic request.

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I am having some plans develop. Anyone ever seen an ls1 when its pulled? You drop it from the bottom,kmeber,shocks,springs,a-arims spindles etc all still intact. I want a pic of that please. If anyone happens across one.
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I think I know where I can find one..........hang on for a minute.
Will this work?

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Rock on perfect. thanks bro. BTW your posted pic on the ta vs camaro thread is now my background lol
No prob!

Which pic? I posted a few.
Im going to do that but backwards. Im going to build my front end and then set it in. Starting with BMR k member,then the upper/lowers a-arms,shocks.springs,spindles and then ill set my new motor on it and install.
Oh yah and the first one was the kind i was looking for.
I meant which car pic do you have as your background?
oh i have the one where its ALL smokey and i can see your whole drivers door. and there is a guy in the corner.
Nice! That one is actually my background too!
my motor pull was from the top not the bottom but those pics are in my site. in all honesty i found it easier from the top.
Well yah but considering how i plan to build my suspension itll be easier to go from the bottom.
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