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Phoenix AZ in da house!

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I'm here to chew bubble gum and kick ass! And I'm all out of bubble gum. Hey people my name is Fernando and I'm from Phx AZ. Home of the Suns, Cardinals and DBacks. Enough about out sports teams. I own a 94 Z28 with some mods but nothing to radical (yet). I'm a diehard redblood (chevy guy) and I currently own 4. My Z, a MOnte SS, a blazer and a Belair (54) that needs restoring. So if I bag on your imports,fordsor otc (other than chevy) I'm appologizing now (cause I won't later haha!) I'm looking for a site where we can be adults and talk and act like adults. Not have to watch what we say and how we resond to threads. I fully understand that respect is vital and I will give it where it is due. All I'm saying is to let us have fun. That's all. I hope I'm at the right place so if you love cars, heavy metal or all kinds of rock, poping brews to a good game then we will get along just fine. Glad to be here. Well off to the forum!
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Let's see your Z.
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