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Pcv differences

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Hows it going guys i bought a intake off a member to send out to AI to port for me while i whipped my car around. Problem is my intake is a 94 and the new one is a 95+. So the pcv system is a bit different. Mine the pcv valves comes out and loops up into a port right next to it. The 95+ systems they come out and go to the front of the intake. I dnt have the hose or anything for the 95+, would i be able to make it work like my 94 by looping it into the port next to it? Also the 95+ there still a hose that comes out the passenger valve cover and into the tb? Currently my intake has oil inside the intake so a catch can is needed no?
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I would just run a line to the port up front, if you run a catch can it makes it all the easier.

When it was on my car, I bent a 3/8 hard line and then ran two rubber 90* elbows to connect to nipple and PCV.

Run new rubber line from the front nipple to the catch can, then back to the PCV valve.

Ok, so what do i do with the extra port on the manifold? The one to the about a inch up and to the right
The 1/4 NPT vac fittings I just put a plug in if I wasn't using it.

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