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PCM tune

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I want to get my PCM tuned by pcmforless but im not sure exactly how to do this. Do i just take off my pcm and send it to them and they send it back with a tune and i hook it up and am ready to go. That sounds too easy, i have a 96 z28 does my pcm have to relearn before my car can start. Ive never taken a pcm out, ive read how and it sounds pretty easy. Any suggestions would e great thanks
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It really is just that easy. But first you should check out the order form, and make sure you know all of the details about your engine , cam specs, rocker arm ratio, rear gear ratio , etc. They need allot of input from you, so that you can get the best tune. Also , I Reccomend getting the problematic VATS security disabled,it is optional, just so that if the ignition cylinder chip sensor, or key chip ever go bad, you will still be able to start the car. I plan on sending in my PCM for a tune for my 96 SS soon, and that's when I found the order sheet, and how much info is required to get the best tune . Hope this helps - Good Luck
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