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Does anybody know where I can get my pcm reprogrammed in northcentral Wisconsin? I need emissions removed, vatts, and a performance tune installed/reprogrammed! The only thing I pulled from this car is the air pump so far.

Also, these are the codes that I was given from a shop.
51 ECM Prom Error
53 System Voltage To High
27 EGR Electrical Fault (QDM)
26 Evap Purge Circuit
29 Secondary Air Injection Pump Circuit
77 Fan 1 Fault

I've tried two other pcm/ecm units with the same results each time!!! PLZ help!

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What year is your car? I'm getting the stuff together to flash them. I've got the software and the cable/chip. Just need to sort some files and test.

I've done tons of ecm tuning, but its been a while since I've messed with non_obd2, or aftermarket.

I'm in Point, pm me.

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