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parts for sale?

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hey just wondering if anyone is selling lowering springs, longtube headers, ypipe, or anything like that. finally going to start modding it and why not save some damage to the pockets :)
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Try the parts for sale section. Also post a thread in the parts wanted section.

Try craigslist, not only in your local area, but fan out to about 250 miles, or as far as you feel comfortable driving to to get parts. Search every day as new parts are listed everyday. And when you see an ad for high performance 4th gen parts, ask the person if anything else is for sale. You'll be surprised sometimes.

I went for a pair of firebird headlight bezels and came home with a magniflow catback and 98-02 brake assemblies, because I asked if he had anything else.

Finally use SearchTempest Online Classifieds Search - All the Classifieds. One Search. to search craigslist. Makes it much easier. Use the direct results mode.
theres a parts wanted section? haha thanks man. just getting use to this forum. i found a couple guys with parting out camaros with lowering springs and a couple other things i wanted. they ask way too much. basically full price for new parts.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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