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pacesetter longtubes with x-pipe

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heyyy just repainted the headers with ceramic aluminum high temp paint. now im looking for a exhaust to go with it.

heard duals with a x-pipe and 2 resonators would sound good. any suggestions?

also, i don't plan on running cats. is there any way i can get around that lawn mower smell? is it really bad for the lt1?
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An x pipe will give you more of a raspy/exotic sound. That setup would be the highest flowing exhaust you could do. Are you dumping the duals or taking them out the back?

And as far as the "smell" I think your SOL
i want to take it out the back just because i like the look. and i want to be loud but not crazy obnoxious loud.haha

my other choices would be true duals OR just a ypipe from the lontubes into the stock exhaust (stock catt with flowmasters) with cutouts.

im sorry. no idea what SOL means?
SOL = shit out of luck Lol

You would be better off price wise just doing a catless y pipe. True duals out the back are very pricey to make them right, plus a 3" catless catback would satisfy any amount of power up to the 475-500 range

I do love the sound of true duals tho and I wish it wasn't so difficult to pull off price wise
i might just go true duals for now being that im getting a good deal cuz my friend whos gna make it says its harder to make a y pipe than just 2 straight pipes with resonators. haha heck if its too much work bringing it out from the back ill just dump them for now and take it back later. hope its not too loud like that tho.
The problem with taking it out the back is the left pipe. Look up the kooks true dual setup, its a nasty system, if you ever want to go out the back then I would replicate what they did
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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