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pacesetter longtube questions

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whats up guys I gotta 95 t/a and ive been looking to get pacesetter longtubes with there ory. ive got a couple of questions. first is the ceramic coating worth the extra 100 bucks and the second is the non ceramic comes with air and egr hookups. whats the difference with or with out the hook ups and are they necessary?
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If you need to pass smog tests then egr and air hook ups are needed. Ceramic coating will make the headers more durable I would go that route. I have thought about throwing a set on my 95 but haven't found a good off road y pipe. If you go with out the egr you can get that tuned out cheap so you won't have any lights. Obd1 ftw !

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Yes ceramic coated are the ones to get. Specifically for heat control. "Race" headers do not come with egr/air hookups for emision purposes. But you have to remove your air/egr which is very easy to do (unbolt and unplug). It cleans up your engine bay and prevents particular problems from occuring. But you have to tune out the egr/air codes. If you do have smog testing you'll need emission headers.
Don't forget the cat's. LT's will eliminate the stock cat and you will need to add two aftermarket cats in the new Y-Pipe for visual and sniffer, if emissions are requirement.
Agreed, but wanted to say that the ceramic coating is the best route.....longer life, better durability, and keeps under the hood temps down....don't forget if you get longtubes you'll want heat resistant boots for your plugs. Otherwise they'll eventually melt...
header install

hey i jus installed longtubes on my 94 ta and my steering knuckle isnt lining up and fitting back how do u fix this ....
What kind of headers did u put on? I have pace setters on mine. Had to grind down the the bolt head on the steering. Knuckle so it didn't hit the header then it fit fine.
How do you guys like the pacesetter headers? I'm looking to get one for my 97 SS.
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