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P0131 and p0151

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02 firehawk ls1. Showing codes listed 131 and 151

Conventional knowledge tells me lean condition aka vaccum leak. I cannot find one...

Here is the car. Just got it two days ago.
Ls1 a4.
Long tube headers. Pace setter ceramic.
Tune by fast chips
Full exhaust cat delete.

As far as i can tell that is it.... im going to check fuel filter and maf. Then check plugs. Has a kn air filter on but stock non blackwing lid.

Car has great.power to half throttle. Past half throttle it feels as if the trans is slipping...but its not. Just loses power. Any help appreciated. Oh... 73k mikes.
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ok, replaced fuel filter. cleaned MAF very well. tripple checked for vaccum leaks... will do a fuel pressure test next few days... put near full tank of 93 octane in thinking maybe crappy gas was put in it at the dealership not knowing about the tune (which was i'm sure a 91 or 92 octane tune, AND the knock retard is destroying the performance. also put a bottle of lucas injector cleaner in it, (regular not the full fuel system stuff) just for shits and giggles... will see how it runs tomorrow.
car still runs weird... for an LS1, with headers and full exhaust, feels like it just isn't running right. feels like, up to 3/4 throttle, perfect... as soon as you open it to WOT, check engine light comes on P0131 and P0151, and power dies... goes from the 350+ hp it should have, to maybe 250 hp... feels like a v6 at WOT... its at the Chevy dealership now, getting checked out... "Warrenty!!!". tech guy seems to think its the transmission not wanting to shift right...i just dont' understand it myself.

they are going to fix a leaking power steering system while its in there so that is a bonus.... since i'm already paying for the deductable (100 bones), i told them to find everything and anything that they can sell to the warrenty company and fix.
ok... fixed for now. here is the chain of events that led to it.

--GM dealership couldn't connect to the computer. I had them erase it, and flash the stock programming back to it.

--after PCM flash one code was present, and kept coming up, P1133 HOS1 bank 1 sensor 1 low switch count.

--checked plugs, entire driver side was good (Bank 1) Pass side looks mean... don't feel like swearing right now

--just got pi$$ed off and replaced both front 02 sensors, used Bosch 13111 Corvette 02's with more powerfull heaters, and much much longer wires.

codes went away, full power through RPM band... <-- happy SOB!!!
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