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Opti went out..Best cheap optispark?

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Alright guys my optispark went out. Now i know that Gm performance or MSD are the way to go. but i just dont have the money. im a poor college kid lol. i need an opti to get me thru summer. i have about 350 to spend. what is the best "cheap" opti out there? thanks in advance.
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If you go on jeggs you can get an MSD opti for $150. A cheaper one would be either a jeggs product or maybe a summit racing one. I only paid $120 for that one. Lasted about 2/3 years in my car.
the MSD you're talking about is juat a cap and rotor. i need the whole distributor. lol
what about an accel opti? they're about 280 on summit
Sorry, you just missed the clearance at Summit for GM performance optis for $200. :(

Anything but the two you mentioned are crap shoots. Accel has a poor track record.

The Delphi CZ20003 replacement should be close if not the same as the GM/AC-Delco. $287.94 on Amazon.
Search Terry Walters Performance Engines. He sells a brand called TSP and it only cost about $120. I have had mine for about a year and no problems.
Have u tried looking on craigslist for delco/msd used ones?

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Just curious..............why do you need,or think you need, the whole assembly?
thanks for input guys. yes i tried craigslist first. no luck. lol. shoebox i know! it sucks i missed that. great site btw. lot of helpful info. phoenix cap and rotor are fine. optical sensor in the opti is bad. (i think thats what its called). since the car has 1350000 miles on it with a stock opti im pretty sure thats most likely the case. btw plugs wires coil icm fuel filter are new and fuel pressure has been checked. just sayin that cause i didnt want to start a debate. lol thanks again
i got mine from oreilly auto parts for 180 i believe with a lifetime warranty. i love the warranty cuz ive had the water pump and drive seal both leak on it already.
I have replaced 3 on our 94 Z28, because they have been bad. So even new, they can still give you problems that you didn't have before. Good Luck!
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