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ok guys need the help of someone more educated on this than I am... car started running like hammered dog poo had originally believed it to be the opti but hopeing not to have to go straight to that and be without my car for the lenght of time for parts to arrived i stuck a new borg warner coil on hope it would help with the hesitation and miss that was starting to develop... Considering i had already replaced the plugs and wires approx 2 weeks earlier...
shortly after the new coil i mean very shortly after like with in a mile ( I drove it around the block to see how she was running which it ran great) parked it and went in the house for a few hours came back out to run to the store and it wouldnt start just crank and pop from the intake and exhaust...

Well my guestion is did the hotter spark from the new coil finish off the opti and the spark is just jumpin to which ever cylinder isnt under compression i no i have read it will travel the path of easiest resistance...
Just looking for some insight before i get to into tearing into it
thanks in advance

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Before you go out and get an opti, do some testing. Get a spark tester, the kind that puts a load on the ignition system simulating the pressure in the combustion chamber.

You do this because many times a spark that will jump the spark plug gap in free air will fail with the tester in place. Most auto parts stores have them.

Then go to the sticky threads of this section and open the diagnosing the optispark thread. Watch the video and run the tests. also has opti and coil testing.

Also do the old dampen the plug wires with a little water and watch for spark leakage at night.

Have you got a fuel pressure gauge? If no, go buy one as it is a needed tool for modern cars. Put gauge on fuel rail and do key on prime. Do you have 41 psi or more. If no, low fuel pressure can make car run bad also.

If pressure good in first test, start engine and let it idle. Pressure can be a little lower at idle, but 30 psi or lower is never acceptable. Tape gauge to windshield and check pressure while driving. Should be right up there again.
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