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On going problem

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Problem: After I crank the car and it warms up it starts idling rough fluids out and dies. I unpluged my O2 sensors and it runs fine. So I bought new ones along with the extensions needed and still the same problem. Does anyone have any idea what it might could be? I have almost changed out every sensor on the car, I even contacted Brian form pcmforless but I still can't figure it out. It's been about a year now rebuilding this thing and I am ready to drive it so please someone help me.
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Yeah I reset the pcm and I dont have a way to post data or retreive it. I didn't get a copy of the tune. Should I have?
NXSLT1 said:
If you had tunercat you could read the ecm and get a copy of it. You don't have a buddy with any tuning or logging software??
I dont know of anyone who has it. Hopefully someone ready this that is close to central Texas will chime in and lend a hand.
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