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oil pressure

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What is should the stock oil pressure run on an lt1? I have a 97 formula if that makes a diff, prolly not tho. I think im losing pressure but not sure cause i dont have another lt1 to compare too. thanks and sorry if this is a dumb question.
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With 140k miles on mine, my oil pressure is around 15-20psi at idle, and always above 40 cruising and WOT.
I don't remember the numbers for each line on the pressure gauge...I know after mine is warmed up it's just above the second line (if you include 0) and when I'm WOT its just above the 3rd line
my lt1 has 150,000 miles and mines running a 20 psi at idle and then at throttle its 40psi, at WOT its either at or just above 40psi. But this is normal then? my ls1 buddies told me that 40-80 is normal and anything below 40 is low, but i told them i didnt know cause the lt1 is a different motor hence why i came to ask all you lt1 gurus
Mine has been the same oil pressure since 87k miles when I bought the car...has almost 102k miles I would think that you are fine...
Did some searching

LT1's in good shape normally run around 45 cruise, 50-55 WOT, and 30 idle if the car is an M6, 20 if it's an A4.
144,000 miles and it runs around 40 at idle.
Hi, We have a 1995 trans-am LT-1 and were having trouble with the battery going flat, Someone hot wired the radio in so it does'nt turn off. We haven't started the car in over 2 months, I charged the battery up and it would'nt start, I took the old battery from this car which is in my Fiero Se now put it in the Trans-Am and it won't energize the starter.[this battery is charged and went in this car]. Any suggestions on why it won't start and what i can do to fix this problem [We are fixing the radio].
thank you
coulnt tell you for sure but you might want to post this as a seperate topic, its kinda hiding out in the oil pressure thread and the people qualified to help might not notice it
IIRC, factory spec states no less than 6 PSI @ idle and an increase of aproximately 10 PSI per 1000 RPM.
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