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oil pressure gauge stuck?

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My oil pressure gauge doesnt reset to 0, i mean it moves when im driving but even when i turn off the car it stops around middle mark of the gauge, instead of going to zero? anyone else had this prob? what could it be how do i test?
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Test the system by first removing tan wire from oil pressure sender, with ignition on engine off. Gauge should move all the way to the right (highest pressure)

With ignition still on ground tan wire. Gauge should move all the way to the left.

If not good, you will need to check for continuity between end of tan wire at sender and instrument cluster connector. Tan wire at cluster end also Connector C2 for camaro or B16 for firebird. Use ohm meter and unhook car battery before making test.

Attached is a zip file of troubleshooting chart for oil pressure gauge.


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I can say for sure about a 94, but that's exactly the way my 98 acts and it's normal since day 1. It stays at the reading it showed just before the ignition is turned off. There are no mechanical springs inside to pull it back, just two electromagnets, and both are de-energized with the ignition off.
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