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Oil leak...? Sabotage...???

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Weather's finally breaking out here in the Northeast. So i decided to address an oil leak I've had since the winter. Literally pools of oil every morning... So i get up under there and find this hole that I've never noticed before wtf ( pic below) in between the oil and transmission pans. Is there a legit GM plug for that that I somehow overlooked (doubt it) or should i just patch it with exhaust putty?


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Yeah.. dont fill that.. don't want oil filling up under that.. its prob coming from above that... Time to start looking. Could be valve covers, heads, rear main..
Damn. Looks like its time to start cleaning things off...
I would say that if it pools oil it is likely coming from a spot (rear main) that is known to leak like a SOB if bad. I have had valve covers leak and never did I see a pool of oil. If the intake manifold is leaking it would have to be bad to allow oil to pool. Most manifold leaks get burned by the exhaust. I would assume it is your rear main seal. Not that big of a deal if you have a lift or can pay someone else to do it. Good luck!
Its such a weird leak. I'll look out under the car somedays and it'll look like all 5 qts are drained out but check it and it'll be full all other fluids are also full and freshly changed :banghead:
Take off your transmission inspection cover and with a flashlight inspect the rear main area. Also, I reccommend physically swiping your fingers/ hand or clean white cloth along rear side edges of your intake (to eliminate your intake). I would check it when it is not running and when it is running. Also, the same for the valve covers and heads (rear). Next concentrate on the tranny and make sure its not tranny fluid or a mix of fluids. Check back with us on your progress. Thanks
If it is coming out of that hole it could very well be a rear main seal. While driving the flex plate will sling it all over the bell housing area and the converter. After you park it all the oil slung around will begin to drain down that shield and start to puddle under it.

Also the oil sendind unit is on the back of the intake manifold and will definitely cause a big oil leak since its under pressure and will run down the back of the motor and trans.
Sorry I haven't replied been outta town for the past week. Thanks for all the input guys I'll be poking around the car this week but she hasn't been leaking even been reading after drving hard. I'll be doing an oil change probably Friday and we'll see what happens. also semper fi USMC
Get back with us and Semper Fi brother.
Thanks for all the input guys. Rear main seal is the culprit, also experiencing a slight drop in oil pressure but everything else checks out fine. Goodish news is she hasn't been leaking as badly now. But once again thanks for the help guys
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