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95 Trans Am convertible. 47,000 miles. Car is completely stock and in mint condition.

I purchased new tires because the old ones were trash and I had a lot of vibrations. The new tires resolved 90% of the vibe problems. However, at around 45 to 55mph I start to feel the whole car shake. It's not a tire out balance shake, it's more a drive shaft wobble. I had the tires rebalanced just to be sure and it didn't change anything.

I've read that the shafts in this year car were junk and have a known issue with balance. And honestly, I've ripped the tires loose standing on the throttle plenty of times with this thing going sideways. I've bent shafts in other cars that way.

I've also read that buying a used shaft from a 98 and up F body car will solve that problem. Is this a simple bolt in swap? Do I need to look for a shaft from a specific car? Some of the online junkyards ask specifics about a GU5 or GU6. Since mine is an auto trans I assume I'd want the auto trans model but which of the GU's?

Your thoughts please.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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