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No start

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Hi, 93 firebird TA. Just completed a complete a/c job with new Condenser, Compressor, receiver Dryer, Expansion valve, R134. Plus new Alternator and Mass flow elbow boot. So during the evac and refill with R134a. The car just died. Ok this is new never happened before. Restarted car and completed the ac Freon fill. Now at max pressure. 15 min later wanted to drive it. Car started but rough idling with a backfire. (again never happened before). Shut her down. Now the car is a no start. Just the starter trying to fire it up while cranking key. Any thoughts? Opti? I'm not sure if I should be looking for a code on dashboard. If so where would I be looking? Video won't post.
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Gonna try and post video. Thanks
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The trouble codes could help get this figured out. You are going to need to short a couple pins on your diagnostic connector, and then count flashes on the SES light.

Here is a link that explains what pins to connect. and some details about the blinking lights.

Flashing DTCs.

Get your error codes, and we go from there! Good luck!
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