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newb from Myrtle Beach

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Names Kenny, I have a 95 Z28 with a few bolt ons, hoping to learn alot from this site.
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Welcome to the forum kenny. Your learning experience starts in the sticky threads of the 4th gen section. 4th gen parts books are there for download. Next proceed to the regular 4th gen threads and look for one titled "GM service manuals". Download 94 factory service manual which shares 98+% of it's info with your 95. will have the 95 only stuff.

If you plan on doing your own work on the car, a scan tool is essential to the job. Our member GaryDoug has made a obd1 scan tool, free to download, again in the 4th gen section. However, you will need a cable to connect car's dlc to usb of laptop or notebook. Get at ALDL OBD1 OBD cable OBDI OBD2 engine codes Also link for service manual has trial version of DataMaster, another good scan program. Good for 20 free data logs and unlimited data playback. DataMaster is good because it logs data to a file that can be played back in real time. That way if you have trouble finding a sensor problem, you can upload the file to file sharing site and link to here for member assistance.
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thanks for the help
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