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New working relationship with FTI Converters

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PerformaBuilt Transmissions has announced a new working relationship with FTI Converters. Company President Alan Pickering said, “The demand for our transmissions has grown to the point that we made the decision to focus our efforts on what we do best.......high performance transmissions. We will no longer produce out own torque converters. We have formed a working partnership with FTI converters, one of the best in the business, and will sell their torque converters. Their product line is far more extensive than we were producing, and the quality of their converter is second to none.
We felt that this move would allow us to concentrate our own efforts and give our customers more options. It is quite simply a win-win for everybody.
Our transmissions will still carry a 2-year warranty when bought as a transmission / torque converter combo. We just won’t be producing the torque converters ourselves.”
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I run a couple fti converters and they are the best with the best features like captive bearings. I wl never own another brand in any of my race cars. Excellent news.
What if I want to upgrade my PB TC to FTI TC?
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