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NEW with new to me 94z28

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:thumbsup:I just bought a 94 z28 with only 64,000 miles on it. had a bad tranny, but prev owner had bought one I just installed. Came with Hypertech handheld, full flowmaster exhaust, and peeling clear coat LOL! I just performed the Throttle body bypass about an hour ago, And I am looking forward to lots of upgrades.. Any suggestions welcome Thank you:poke:


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Pretty nice! I have a 94 Z28 also. I just got done with a new tranny capable of 600-800 hp, and a brand new LT-1 put in. Once I'm done paying off the new block I'm going to do a new rear end, forge the bottom end, then do heads and cam by either LE or AI. Hoping for 400rwhp by next semester. Any plans for power upgrades for your car?

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Ive been talking about Forced induction, But I have many small things to do first, MSD, Cold air, Bigger throttle body, Maf air, 3:73 gears, and as for FI. I have been researching holset turbos
And most importantly suspension because I Live in the great Mountians we call the home track, We are very spirited drivers my friends and I. I have a friend with a high hp supra I have to keep up with lol
Welcoome to the Board, im Deucie. Im New to this too board an the Pontiac brand in General-Hit my Introduction Trend to See what i Drive. Jus Stoppin thru to welcome you an see wat all upgrades u were goin for. So Welcome to the Fam & Good luck wit yo whip!!!
Welcome Aboard. I love to see low mileage 4th Gens. The body looks straight, so if you do decide to address the peeling paint issue ..... lose the "rice-like" rear spoiler. LOL!! Good Luck
Every person who has seen the car (home and online) has said the same about the wing lol. But I only paid a $1000 for the car with the tranny bad, and the prev. owner had bought one with 1500 miles on it already just had to install. Every one in the county i iive talks of how fast the car is, Myself im not as impressed. On all theses winding roads my 88 300zx and my 87 turbo rx7 where more impressive. Not saying its slow, it has plenty of torque and pulls great im just used to smaller cars with big power i guess lol.
I posted the car on craigslist this morning, I think I would be happier with a manual, Ive only had one other automatic it was a 94 540i bmw that was mily built, 320rwhp 360 torque. It was fun for an auto but to many driver assist to have fun, It tried to orrect everything i put it through and slowed it to the point i was faster with my 2001 se miata. And up here Im know for my driving and today we tested the camaro as it sits, and it needs alot to be even close to the 300 which was the slower of the before mentioned cars. if anyone wants a great low mile z28 with a few add ons, let me know, I priced it for 4200. which it is well worth that minus the clear coat peel it in great shape.
Sorry to hear that it's already back on the market, but I understand. Get what makes you happy. I feel your pain with owning a manual. I personally like banging gears as oppose to automatics. In my younger days I had owned 2 '88 RX-7 Turbo II (thought they were the fastest cars on the planet. LOL), but the motors did not last. I then owned 4 Eagle Talon-TSI AWD (at different times) They were quick & fun, but I was always having to turn a wrench. Even back then V-8's with a cam and FlowMasters sounded Bad A$$. Stick with the V-8's, find a 6-speed, do a few suspension upgrades, and you'll be running laps around your friends, but you'll be in real MAN'S car. LOL. Good Luck with whatever you decide.
I think I solved my dislikes, I found out 2 injectors aren't working, and after getting over the foggy mind focused on the car just not handling.. I realized the potenza tires are dry rotted, so cant stick to the road without good tires, I peeled out in it the other day and it left nothing but rubber dust lol... But as for if I get rid of it, still gonna be in v8 amercian car, I have a trade offer for a vette, 5pd ( was doug nash 4+3) it has the crossfire engine but the handling im sure would be greater
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