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Hey guys i just got a 1995 camaro with a 383 in it. The car came with

trickflow heads
Forged srp pistons
eagle crank and rods
built turbo 400 trans with reverse Manuel valve body
Holley blue fuel pump
Fuel regulator
Slp loudmouth exhaust
Interior gauges
Drag radials
Comp Cam
2 aluminum radiators
2 electric fans
alternator relocation brackets
msd ignition,distributor,starter
roller rockers
stock set of heads with performance springs
Msd boost retard box

The car is in really good condition but the motor is out because the prev owner had a procharger on it and burnt 3 pistons. I can see the 3 that are burnt. So i am only in high school and dont have alot of money. Should i replace all the pistons? Or can i just replace the 3? Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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Don't know if SRP will sell individual pistons or not, but scrimping here is not what I would do. I would save my money and replace the whole set. There may be unseen damage to 1 or more of the 5 remaining pistons.

I would not take the chance of having to do it over again. Especially since you need to remove motor and trans to strip motor down to bare block. Then take it to a machine shop who can examine it for damage you might not see.
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