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I'm an old gearhead and new to 4th Gens. Already have a 3rd Gen TA Vert, and Wednesday I picked up a black on black 94 LT1 TA Vert with 21,000 original miles.

I drove the car home from about an hour west of Wichita, KS, to my home, which is about 65 miles south of Fort Worth over 2 days, with no problems except what I suspect is a bad "Low Coolant" sensor, because everything checks out, and I hear they tend to be garbage.

I don't really know the tune-up status of the car, but it does appear to be a little "hard starting" compared to my 3rd Gen. What would be your initial recommendations? New plugs and maybe a can of Seafoam?

Just looking for a place to start.


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