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Hello all!

I've been browsing the site for close to a month now while also shopping for a gen 4 Camaro. I finally found one last Saturday and figured I might as well join. From what I have read this place seems pretty friendly and a huge wealth of knowledge.

My Camaro is a Z28, auto tranny, and mostly original with only 79k miles on it. The only aftermarket pieces are a K&N air filter and a line pressure controller on the tranny.

I have no plans to mod the car, but if I do they will be very minor. I mainly bought the car to have something to tinker and toy with. I also have a 2006 CBR1000RR but I'm finding it less and less enjoyable as I once did at a younger age. The Z28 will help fill that gap when the weather is crap or I'm just not in the mood for 2 wheels.
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