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new parts!!

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hey guys. about to buy some parts for my car. let me know if you have any opinions or suggestions.

1) ac compressor bypass pulley ($27 bucks on rockauto), ive used the ac twice in the last 2 years that ive had the car. I get about 9mpg when I have it on so I was thinking of just bypassing it. heard it frees up some power, weight, and possibly mpg?

2) egr block off plates, I think I have to get them for when I put in my lontubes?

3) x pipe? for my exhaust I have a choice for just true duals or a x pipe. I think the x pipe is another 100-150. is it worth it?

4) lowering springs. ive been wanting to lower it for a long time. someone told me "it looks like one of dem 4 wheel drive vehicles". with longtubes how low can I go? bmr or eibach?

im just trying to squeeze a little power out of a daily driver. any opinions are welcomed just no rebuilds, spray, or sc haha. wish I could supercharge it tho.

thank you!
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that $27 ac delete pulley will work ok, IF you take it apart, shove some shims between the bearing and center shaft, and then stack washers up until pulley alignment is correct.

no, it does not free up any substantial amount of power unless your a/c compressor is seized. yes, you will lose a bunch of weight. it does unclutter your engine bay a lot. your defroster will not work as well (but still alright). it uses the air conditioning to de-humidify the defroster air. i reccommend doing it 100% if you dont live in the desert.

true duals and longtubes and you are going to be crying every time you see a speed bump if you lower too much. hell, midtubes and ORY at stock height and i have to be careful. there's a scrape mark on my passenger side o2 sensor already.

i'd reccommend longtubes, but (using an ORY) keeping the stock 2 into 1 into 2 exhaust configuration. remember, bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to exhaust on a street car. you only want to flow as much as you need. true duals, or even an x-pipe, are 400+hp territory.

lowering springs are not nearly enough to lower an f-body. you need LCA relocation brackets and an adjustable panhard rod, and a proper alignment afterwards. lowering your car is NOT cheap. if you just do springs, it'll handle like crap and wheel hop like mad. you should get new shocks/struts too, yours are probably toast.

you need poly engine mounts for longtubes, or you're going to hear horrifying clunks as shit hits your floor panels when you stomp on it.

egr blockoff? sure thing. removing the egr, all the vac lines, and the solenoid, removes a bunch of crap thats just in the way.

or better yet, make your own blockoffs. the smaller plate, you can throw a pipe-thread plug where the tube was on the stock plate, and its good to go. the larger plate, just buy an EGR gasket and use it as a template to cut a peice of scrap metal. all it takes is a hacksaw, a drill, and a peice of scrap aluminum. probably a lil sandpaper too, and you'll start learning to fabricate simple parts, which is a great skill.

hope that saved you some headaches
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how much do you think the ac components weigh roughly?

and do I have to do the egr block off for longtubes?

damnit. all that just to be a little lower. that's crazy. do I have to do all that if I just want to lower the front? I have a 3 inch fender gap.

thanks man. appreciate the help.
wait so the ac pulley doesn't come correctly aligned? is there any that do?
wait so the ac pulley doesn't come correctly aligned? is there any that do?
Only the GM pulley that is now discontinued.
Re the height debate.. you don't HAVE to do all that.. but you do if you want it right.. I started my.drop with just springs and it was fine till I put in bigger rear tires then the panhard comes into play.. or course if you want it right do it all but don't mind a bit of xtra tire wear and slightly reduced cornering, not noticable. .then don't worry bout it. I never got excessive wheel hop , I got eibach pro launch . If you drop forget about the longtubes... They will scrape everywhere ... And also forget about true duals, no room. Don't thing you need um anyways... As for egr block off.... Only"needed" if you get headers without egr provisions otherwise you can rehook up if needed.
As for the block off plates .. as fun as making um yourself sounds .. I gotta say 15-20 on eBay for nice milled ones saves an hour or two of dinking around, finding aluminum, grinding , drilling , polishing, etc etc tc.. . In my book ill spend the extra $ and save the work..
how much do all those parts for lowering add up to? maybe ill just get some thicker/taller tires.

my headdrs only have the o2 ports. they don't have the AIR valves or that pipe that goes from the back of the manifold to the passenger header.
how much do all those parts for lowering add up to? maybe ill just get some thicker/taller tires.

my headdrs only have the o2 ports. they don't have the AIR valves or that pipe that goes from the back of the manifold to the passenger header.
I got the summit springs and stagg shocks from eBay. Rough ride on bumpy roads, but handling is good. You can find everything else you need at Founders Performance, that's where I got my in car adjustable pan hard bar and LCA relocation brackets. Fantastic prices for great products there. I didn't about $550 to lower my 95z after alignment, but I did the install my self. Ohh that includes new poly bushings up front too.

Be weary about the lower ride height though. Check out my thread in the kill stories section called "Got Destroyed".

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Are poly motor mounts totally necessary for long tubes? Was the exhaust hitting the floor boards?
Those $27 a/c delete pulley is not that great. Go to 4th gen section, in the sticky threads, Steveo shows you how to make a good a/c delete pulley from an old lt1 a/c compressor. As long as the free wheel bearing in the pulley is good, it works well.
hrcslam.... that is just one hell of a story. so I guess im not lowering it anymore!

yeah the poly mounts really necessary? are they difficult to replace?

ahhh crap. so no ac delete huh? im sorry but im starting to think fbody Camaros are just a pain in the ass. why does everything have to be sooo complicated?haha
coming home from work. sounds like I have a broken strut mount and messed up inner tie rods. really loud pops when I turn.... wow. if this car wasn't so sexy id light it on fire.

btw anyone know any place that sells studs for specific parts? I need upper control arm studs. im missing 1 on each side for reasons I don't know.
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