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NEW OPTI INSTALL (what should I do)

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I am about to install a new Opti and wondered if you guys have any suggestions to make it more waterproof.
I have a '94Z converted to the '95 vented Opti, I don't want to open it and let all the Magic out, but I wondered if the factory seals were adequate, or should I try and seal the Opti some how (Silicone). What if anything do other people do?
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In all the optis I have replaced and helped to replace, we have never gone in and added any seals or sealant to add in the waterproof area. I think the factory stuff is good enough.
THere's a rubber gasket that seals the two halves together. There's really not much more you can do.
One thing... Make sure you grease the opti seal on the front timing cover before putting the new opti into place. W/o that you run the possibility of ripping that seal and causing an oil leak. Chris can tell you how much that one sucks!!!
Thanks for the tip Chris
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