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New LT1 owner have a few questions...

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Recently acquired a '97 Formula w/6sp. This is my first F-body as I owned a couple 5.0's previously.

The car is pretty clean and basically stock other than Flowmaster exhaust and a Hurst shifter.

1. I'm curious as to what Temp these cars typically run at during normal driving? It's early spring here in KS but it will be hot as hell before too long. Seems like sitting at the stop light idling the car runs about 215-220 but much cooler down the road, around 180. Is this typical? Keep in mind I have no idea what thermostat is in the car nor do I know what is supposed to be in it.

2. When I turn left I get a loud squeaking/screeching sound from the drivers side rear. Almost sounds like a caliper or something hanging up but I'm not sure?

3. The car is right at 100k miles. I don't have an owners manual or any literature in the car. Are there any type of 100k mile service actions that I need to be aware of on the car? I thinks its probably due for some suspension work, shocks/struts, any recommendations?

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As for temp, thats normal. Fans don't come on til I believe 228 and 235
Squeaking or creaking on left turn doesn't really sound like a caliber issue to me, as they shouldn't be affected by simply turning. But I don't know what to tell you.
100k mile maintenance, treat it like any other car. Probably would be a good idea to change fluids and filters, plugs and wires, I'm sure you could benefit from new shocks, springs are probably ok. Maybe ball joints, tie rod ends, ect... 4th gen F-bodies are no different than any other car, take care of it and it'll generally return the favour :thumbsup:
Go to he has the owner's manuals for all 4th gens on his site. Also sticky threads of this section has 4th gen parts books for download. And in regular 4th gen threads, look for one titled " GM service manuals" open thread, click link, download 96 factory service manual. It's 99% the same as your 97. It will have service intervals and everything else about your car.
100,000 change the rear end fluid, and do not forget to add the positraction additive. Check your plugs and wires. Enjoy your ride and say hi to Dorthy for me.
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