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Good evening everyone,

My name's Delta, or so my friends call me. I joined because I recently acquired a 95 z28 M6 car, and it is my first LT1 car ever. I'm 24 years old and I've always been deep into LS motors, but don't have much knowledge about LT1's. I always feared them because of the optispark terror stories, and well because everyone is always saying how the ls are better. Well due to life hardships related to a motorcycle accident I've spent the last 3 years without having a project car or race car, and it has been excruciatingly difficult because I love the car scene and the culture. Recently my luck has been improving, and I've been getting back up to the point I am almost better than when my life collapsed and I decided to get a new project. I've been looking for a while for something relatively inexpensive to get into while I wait to get all the way back up, at which point I will likely get a C6 grand sport or a 5th gen ZL1.

A couple of days ago that opportunity came along in the form of a Facebook post of what appeared to be a mildly modified M6 LT1 car that looked decent and was being sold for dirt cheap because it blew a clutch and the owner gave up on it, or just got over it. The car came with a folder full of build papers and parts receipts from summit racing, and other vendors.

After reading through the parts list and receipts I came to find out that what I thought was a very mild car actually turned out to be a fully built 383 stroker with comp cams, scat 6000 crank, Mahle rods, Wiseco pistons, aluminum heads, kooks headers, Corsa exhaust and a bunch of other name brand parts that I don't remember off the top of my head. I am psyched to learn this and now I would like to just restore the car a bit back to it's former glory. The main issues I am looking to get help on is getting AC back in the car since I live in Florida and summer is coming, rejuvenating/reupholstering the interior, and getting some interior electronics to work again like power windows, gauges etc. My biggest fear here is the electrical since I have no idea how complex it is on these LT1 cars, or how much it has been messed with. I am aware that by buying the previous owners modifications, I've also purchased his nightmares, but I think it will be well worth it considering I got the car for dirt cheap. Sorry for the long post, I just try to be thorough.

I look forward to meeting you guys and to learning a lot from those of you that have been at it for much longer. Here are some pics of the car:


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