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New LS3

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I own a 1995 Trans Am and the LT1 is giving me a lot of problems so i am just going to do an engine swap. i want to build my own LS3, i have found a block on summit racing for $1400, but thats as far as i have got. i have done a good bit of work on cars but i have never built my own engine, so i dont really know what to do. i am thinking about using a big cam and just making it an all round beafy and strong engine i am 19 and in the Marines so i do a lot of racing and have a good bit of time on my hands as well. if someone could just help me out with a parts list and some good ideas for the engine that would be outstanding.

thank you, Semper Fi
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A cheaper alternative would be the iron LQ block. You lose .2 cui, but it can be more than made up by building a stroker.

My advice is to look at other places besides summit for LS parts.
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