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New here

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Joined LS1tech a while ago and now joined here....dont have a LT1/LS1 yet, im trying to sell or trade my car for one that is a m6. Heres some pics..

If your interested pm me, email me at [email protected], or IM me on aim at SuburbanLt4x4
Other than that I have a 99 Sierra that I love off roading with, heres an action shot

Really want to get into a fbody.
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thanks for the welcomes
Welcome :cheers: ,,,nice ride, looks VERY clean :thumbsup:
Thanks for the welcomes. Yeah the car is clean, kinda hard for me to try and get rid of it but Ive wanted an fbody for a really long time.
welcome,nice ride.
Thanks, from your sig sounds like u got a nice one too.
I am new here too. Why cant I post picutres? Also some forums will not let me start new threads, 'welcome and news section'
Hmm not sure...with the pictures do you have them hosted somewhere already (photobucket, cardomain etc...?) if you have them hosted there your should just be able to put in the address for them by clicking on the insert image tab and just pasting in the web address...dont know if those are limited post areas or what, never tried posting there...good luck.
Nice ride welcome aboard
Welcome aboard man.. the vehicles look nice. :thumbsup:
thanks for the welcomes
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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