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New here from CT need help w/ LS1

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I have a 92 Camaro RS. I recently purchased an LS1 and want to swap out the V6 ASAP. Feeling a little overwhelmed but appreciate any tips, feedback and/or a trusted garage to take it to. I live in CT and willing to travel for the right shop that deals with LS1.
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Afraid all I can do is welcome you to the forum.

However, in the 4th gen section resides the 4th gen parts books, in the sticky threads. And in the regular threads under the title " GM service manuals", you will find 98, 99, and 00 factory service manuals, which should help you in your conversion.

For your 92 camaro should have many of it's wiring diagrams available for download. That should help you mate the 2 different years wiring together into a harmonious marriage.
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