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new guy

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hello everyone
name is mark, my user name is what i drive and i just got my car back yesterday from being down over 7 months the rebuild is finally done :D
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Chris89GTA said:
Congrats on getting the car back. Mine was down for a while, so I totally understand!!!
yeah i just kept waiting for money to buy more parts but i finally set a limit so i could drive it again and damn its nice to have a rebuilt h/c, full bolton car at age 18 that i paid everything for :)
thanks, im suposed to be getting it dyno tuned this weekend so ill post the video and the numbers if that happens
the bottom end was just a stock bottom end rebuild because it had around 100k on it and i didnt wanna throw anything when i put everything else in (yes trust me i know it would have been great to put some forged internals in but i hardly had enough money for this) :( but for the top end its a cc306 cam, comp 1.6 rrs, crane iron head springs, comp pushrods, manley valves, iron heads ported and polished and port matched to the intake, lts, 3 inch X pipe, bullet mufflers, moroso cai, ram powergrip clutch, 180 stat, taylor wires, ngk tr55 plugs, bmr lower control arms, shorter shift stick and emissions delete

i think thats about it now im off to go break in the motor some more oh anyone in the houston area help me out with inspection plz?

thanks mark
stock for stock the iron heads will outflow the aluminum heads and i got them for $150 from a machine shop i have some pics that ill post of them after the p&p
well as far as i know iron heads will flow better than aluminum even when u start porting them because the port design is slightly better. My friends dad who has been working on engines for over 30 years is the one who did all my headwork and he also thought that the design was a little better on the iron heads vs the aluminum heads. i know sometime i will move to other heads not sure when or what but ill see how these do for now. as for the running temp so far it has ran as cool or cooler than it ran before but i did put in a low temp thermostat so ill see how things go in time because i only have 90 miles on it as of now
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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