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New guy!

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After reading through this thread:

I HAD to sign up here.

That thread alone made this site awesome for me.

I've got a 94 Formula that I'm currently rebuilding
It's had a VERY hard life and can only get better.

When I received it, within 3 weeks; 3 rod bearings went out.

After months,
I'm at forged 355 longblock status at the moment
CC305 Cam on a 112lsa and I will be doing the 24x swap.

Currently replacing some clutches in my 60e as well. :thumbsup:

I don't know why my rear bumper is white in that one.

When it moved:

Constantly in the garage for the Opti the first couple of weeks
Unit that came with the car was on its way out, 1 DOA and then a Delco unit which made it run perfectly but, then the massive amount of rod knock noise came up.

I love the color of the car but its IMPOSSIBLE to find a match for.

I need to repaint the front bumper (or get a new one) and get a new hood too (stripped with hood pins :( )

I straight up traded a K5 Blazer for this car :lol:
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Welcome to the Forums! Do you know the name of the color and it looks nice and im pretty sure it will be a monster by time your done with it.
The previous owner told me it was "Satfire" blue.

I got with a paint shop and we figured it's probably a candy
Ok it kind of looks like a cobalt blue. Im in the process of either repainting the front clip of my 97 trans am or the whole car a different color. The original paint color is chameleon blue green but the previos owner was in a front end collision.
I'll probably end up just taking it to a body shop and having them deal with it

I'd prefer to do it myself but I cant get any matches.

If that route is too much, I'll probably just paint it all imperial blue metallic. :thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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