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My name is Mike and I have a '67 Camaro RS that I've owned for about 25 years.
It spent 16 years in my back yard under a cover while I tried to figure life out. Now it's running and driving and I'm preparing to do a full blown, pro-touring style rebuild, while maintaining the daily drivability of it.
I started by getting the car driving again so I can enjoy it as well as get motivated for the big project.
I went to my junk yard guy I've been using for stuff in the past and asked him for an aluminum LS engine core to rebuild. After some research online, I found out I came home with an aluminum Gen 5 LT1. I plan to build it as a dumb version and delete all the VVT and the Direct injection stuff, so I can put on an intake manifold with TBI.
I plan to post some questions for your members to see if I can learn how to achieve my goals while on a budget.
Thanks for having me,
See you in the forums.
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