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New guy from Wv.

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Hello I'm Lance an I'm from Martinsburg Wv. an just wanted to say hello an introduce myself.

I just picked up my first camaro it's a 1999 z28 auto long tube headers, 3" exhaust w/o cats an some kind of carbon fiber air intake with k&n filter. I got it at a decent price but it does have a few things wrong with it but I'm sure I can figure out what they are in a few weeks an help from people on here.:LS1LT1flag:

I'm gonna do some searching on here to find the answer's but if you read this an think you know what ti is please answer if you feel like it lol.

1st. Gas gauge don't work stays at empty at all times but does move sometimes just when you start it "I'm thinking fuel sending unit"

2nd. It has vibration when it's in just drive at around 40 through 55 gets worse when higher up in mph but if you shift it to over drive it smooths out but is still there just not as bad.

3rd. Has a clunking noise does it when ever if feels like it lol. like some time when I'm taking off an some times not " I'm thinking transmission mount"
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Welcome to the forum lance. If you would go to the 4th gen section and look for thread titled GM service manuals", you can download the factory 99 manual. It will have pretty much all the info you need for your car. Sticky threads of same section has the 4th gen parts books for download also.
Thanks for the information an help!!
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