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Hi everyone,

According to the manual, my 1994 Trans Am has a fuel tank capacity of 15.5 gallons. I've also confirmed this after running out of gas once.

I just had my fuel pump and sending unit replaced.
On my way home, I noticed the fuel gage was right on the line indicating 1/4 of a tank. It was nice to see the gage working!

I filled it up, and I was shocked when the pump said that I put 16.507 gallons in a 15.5 gallon tank, that was already 1/4 full.

Did the gas station just rip me off? Or could there be something wrong with the fuel system?

I just got the car back today, so I have only been able to fill it once.

I did notice that the fuel tank appears to have a dent in the middle. It sinks in about 1 inch.
I'm not sure it this was there before.

Will a dented fuel tank cause problems?

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