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New from Raleigh, NC

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New member from central NC. Been A member over on Impala SS forum since 2010 for my Buick Roadmaster wagon. Just bought a 94 z28 camaro t56 manual that needs some motor work so am going to be venturing into my first attempts at internal motor work here pretty soon. I would also like to venture into some work with the LS platform in the future, so figured this was a good place to get involved in as well.

I live in Raleigh, I'm a full-time college student graduating at the end of this year. I love working on cars and am very interested in learning more about all aspects of performance automotive and getting into some DIY engine building.

My current cars:

94 Roadmaster Wagon - LT1/4l60e, intake, mail-order tune, low temp tstat, aftermarket radiator, stiffer springs front and rear, hotchkis bars, tubular trailing arms, impala ss front end, impala ss 17" rims, stereo. Car is a road trip machine with 3rd row seating. Its a hog at 4600lbs, but I love it.

Future plans - Paint job, 3.42 gears and posi, higher stall, longtubes, mild cam and valvetrain upgrades, possible nitrous and possible aluminum head swap and would like to learn how to do some mild home port/polish work.

94 Camaro z28 - LT1/t56 6-speed manual. Just picked it up last month. Motor needs gone through. Intake, MSD coil and wires, project car that I want to a little more with just a pure performance approach with.

Future plans - Do a mild rebuild on motor, ARP harware, cam, stiffer valvesprings, hardened rods and guides, NSA roller rockers, 7/16" rocker studs, Longtubes, ORY, chassis and suspension stiffening, possible port/polish work, AIR/EGR delete, clean up engine bay, some weight reduction, and want to learn about getting into some home tuning.

Distant future plans - 12 bolt rearend, Performance Clutch, Nitrous and meth on a forged high compression 383 stroker motor would be awesome, but won't be money allowing any time terribly soon. Or could go to a turbo 5.3 setup, we'll see in a couple years ha.

I have 2 LT1 cars and a spare motor for both to mess with in the garage, one spare iron wagon motor and 1 spare aluminum camaro motor, both 94's as well and perfect matches for the two in my cars.

I'm glad to be on the forum and look forward to getting into some more serious motor work in the future.
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Welcome! Sounds like you got it all planned out fairly nice. I'm positive you can find plenty of info. on here to help with anything you end up doing. Post up some pics! One thing about this site is almost everybody LOVEs pics
Welcome! Sounds like you got it all planned out fairly nice. I'm positive you can find plenty of info. on here to help with anything you end up doing. Post up some pics! One thing about this site is almost everybody LOVEs pics
I appreciate the welcome! I've been a long time lurker and definitely found plenty of good info on here in the past. Looking forward to being a more active participant now with this new z28 project.

Unfortunately my ambition far outweighs my overall capabilities. But I'm all for figuring things out as I go and learning new things. I've been slowly amassing a better selection of tools and workspace, so am really looking forward to digging into some motor work to get a better understanding of everything.

I'll try to get some pics. Unfortunately neither one is terribly great to look at at the time being ha. I've got the woodgrain and trim stripped off the wagon to paint it this spring and the Impala SS front end is a different color.
Here are some pics of the Camaro as it sits in my driveway. Haven't done anything to it as of yet.

Here is the spare camaro motor I'm breaking down in my garage right now as a potential rebuild/swap candidate. Its pretty dirty, gonna need some work ha.

And here is an unreasonably blurry picture of my Wagon DD: (I'll get some new ones once I have it in paint)

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Nice rides man! Welcome to the forum:D
Yes welcome to the forum. Download the 4th gen parts books in the sticky threads of 4th gen section. Good resource. And I'm guessing you know about all the good lt1 info on since your a roadmaster veteran.

Did you know about the free obd1 scan programs in 4th gen sticky threads. All you need is a cable to hook car's 12 pin aldl to usb of laptop or notebook. They run between $55 to $90 shipped. The $55 cable is available in our rarts for sale section.

Our member Gary Doug wrote the scan9495 program there. The latest version reads regular codes and does running sensor scans. Like DataMaster, it now logs the scan to a file you can playback in real time. You can also playback DataMaster .uni files on the program now.

Scan9495 also reads ABS & SIR codes, and tests your engine actuators. I'd say this is the best obd1 scan program out there, and it's free.
Welcome to the site. I know there is a good turn out of local guys that meet up at the Chargrill on Atlantic Ave on Fridays FYI.
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