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New from Ohio

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From Dayton ohio here. Hello everyone. I have a 96TA with about 75k on it. I purchased the car last year so far mods are the following: CAI, pace setter long tubes and y pipe, air foil, delete egr and air pump, built ten bolt moser axels and Richmond 373 gears. Mods coming up are to complete the exhaust with catback most likely slp loudmouth and tune from soloman. After that I don't think there is much more I can do with bolt-ons. My goal is to keep a street car on pump gas and run low 12s maybe quicker. I'm thinking 383 build but I'm not sure not so much the price but for a few more dollars I could swamp in a ls1. I do want to stay fuel injected no matter what I do.


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Welcome to the forum, good luck with the mods, as horsepower is an all consuming passion.
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