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New from Michigan

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Hi everyone, my name is nick. Im from michigan and I just picked up my 94 z28. This is my first f-body, and I love it so far. I purchased the car with 187,000 on the body which is in great shape, it was a southern car and never seen winter.It has a "new motor, and trans" supposedly, i had no proof but it runs really healthy and shifts flawlessly and firm. I have no idea what is done to the car unfortunately but it took down a stock z28 from a 40 roll. This forum is awesome, it has helped me so much already, here a couple pictures of the car as it sits now

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Welcome to the forums Nick. The body seems to be in great shape for its age and it looks like you have the newer style z28 wheels on there.
minus the dent in the rear quarter, and about a one inch strip of rust on the wheel well the body is in amazing shape. Im not sure on the rims, they look newer to me just due to the fact they dont have a ton of pits in them or hardly any curb rash, only thinig i dont like about the car is that i have no idea whats been done, and the fact that the skinny pedal urges me way to much haha
Welcome! Judging from the snow in the pictures I am guessing you are in northern Michigan?
The car came from Kalamazoo when i purchased it, and I guess I was lied to about being a southern car, i pulled a car fax and its been a michigan car its entire life, but i believe it has been garaged just because it is so clean. Its new home is in Grand Blanc, kinda by Flint so a little farther north than you
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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