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New from CA 95 Firebird

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Hi guys I'm new as a member but have used this forum for finding information for a little while. My fun ride is a 95 firebird with a 383 and sts turbo setup. My DD is a 05 M6 GTO. I'm really just trying to dial in the firebird right now but like the best things in life it hasn't been easy.
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Welcome to the forum. Do you know about much good lt1 info there. 4th gen section has 4th gen parts books and 94 factory service manual for download. Your 95 shares about 98% of info with 94. shoebox's site will have the 95 only stuff.
Welcome to the board! I see u turbo'd the coupe...I've been thinking about turbo charging this second lt1 I'm dressing up, how's it been for u? Any noticeable changes (pros and cons besides speed obviously)? I've kinda heard the turbo is rough on the engine a lil bit... I need that speed tho!!! But anyway, WELCOME TO THE BOARD
I wont lie it's been rough for me the tuning has been a little harder than expected. I'm using an accel gen 7 and so far my best numbers are 380RWHP and 680 ftlbs of torque. You should really focus on what you want. I went with the sts turbo to keep my cars road manners but still have power to use once boost kicks in. If you want to just go fast all the time and aren't really going to drive it around an N/A or supercharged motor might be more in line with what you want. That said it's got an awesome sound and drives amazing. So far I haven't seen any real extra engine wear.

On a different but related note STS systems are not supporting there LT1 customers much anymore and even though they were built for stock engines it still caused my motor to fail hence why it now has the SCAT 383 in it.
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