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new east coast guy here

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Hey whats going on guys. Excited to be a proud camaro owner again. its been 2 long years since Ive been without my 355 87 z28. I started getting camaro fever and wanted another project. I often browsed the used car section on auto trader and CL but for what I was willing to spend I only saw tired lt1s with 180, 000 miles , low mile lt1s with over heating problems and 3rd gens which ive had enough headaches dealing with those. I checked the listings religiously and eventually gave up for a couples days. to make a long story short I checked back on craigslist and found a heck of a deal on my 94 z the guy lived up the street from me he needed to sell it because hes moving his family down south. Anyway s I bought it for 2k with new cat back flows, new 4 bolt main out of a vette .30 over with 500 miles on it, comp cam xtreme energy 276 hr 12 , new valves and springs, seals, retainers, 160 t stat torque arm poly. trans. mounts. Only thing wrong was power steering hose leak, needs paint (really bad) and a window motor. Ive got big plans for her and hopefully ill be finished by summer time. Or cruising week in O.C (east coast guys know what im talking about)
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Welcome to the forum. To help you with your project go to lots of good lt1 info there. Next on to the 4th gen section. In the sticky threads at top of section, you will find the 4th gen parts books for download. In the regular thread part of the 4th gen section, look for thread titled " GM service manuals. Open it, click link and download the factory 94 service manual. These should get you a good 4th gen foundation.
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