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New Calipers

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I have new D&S rotors because my old stock rotors had divots in them that you could see a mile away. I recently bought C6 rims and now the calipers are showing between the spokes and they're less than pretty. I was thinking of upgrading my calipers and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. As a specialist in the army, my budget is a little limited and Wilwood and Brembo are a little pricey. I've seen chevy brembo brakes off of 2012 camaros on Ebay and was wondering if anyone knows if those would fit.

Thank you for any input!
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Kore3 sells adapter brackets. Price it all out before you commit to something and ensure your wheels clear. You could always hit them with some caliper paint and maybe some decals to finish it off.
What car is this on, what size wheels, and what is your budget?
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