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New best at altitude

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Previous best was 13.776 with slight wind assist and DA of 8000' earlier this year. Yesterday evening, went to T&T after replacing a few rocker arm nuts & readjusting the valves (see thread about that in BBC Tech thread). 1st run off the street was 3rd best of year, 13.788, DA about 9000'. By the 5th run, when DA was down to 8500', it ran 13.763 @ 97.02 (it's had higher MPH on slower ET runs). That was at 8:40 p.m., they were closing the staging lanes at 8:45, so after a quick check of the weather station and spray of the radiator, I made the 6th run at 8:50, where it clicked off a 13.764 to back up the previous "record" - the last run was actually quicker through 1000', but MPH was falling off so the end ET was that thousandth of a second slower.

Over the evening, the slowest run was a 13.817, a 0.054 sec spread over 6 runs and 2 hours. Wish I knew what to attribute the differentials to, but there weren't any environmental condition I could attibute the run variations to (wind was calm throughout the evening). It was a "race car" test & tune night (slicks, or 11.99 or faster required to run), so traction was well maintained; 60' varied from 1.892 to 1.905, even though I wasn't completely consistent with my launch RPM.

For reference, running weight was 3830 pounds including driver and about 1/4 tank gas. Track elevation is 5800'. Altronics weather station for DA.
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Congrats on the new best. I wish I could run that consistently! Last year I would run anywhere from 13.30's to 13.70's in the same night. So far this year I've been within .10-.15 for the most part. I'll see what I can do tonight. I'm looking for 12's. Congrats again.
It was an extremely unusual night, that's for sure. Two weeks ago, I went out to a "club" race, DOT tires and mufflers required, ET was all over the place, TT's were 13.89 & 13.99 (we only get two on race night). They split that series into 14.00 & slower, and 13.99 and faster, so I went into the slower bracket and was ready on the brakes. But, they weren't too generous with the VHT, so the brakes weren't really necessary. Went out in the 2nd round when it slipped bad off the line.
FWIW, that 13.763/97.02 at 5800' translates to 12.766 @104.52 at sea level using NHRA's altitude correction factors.
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