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need help

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Ok so the other day messing around I floored it pedal all the way down at wot and nothing hardly didn't kick into passing gear nothing didnt even spin the tires it acted like it didn't want to open up. Something to do with throttle body. tps?!?
Auto trans is brand new maybe 6000 miles if that so I doubt its something with that
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....have you scanned it? it might be throwing some codes..even without the SES light tranny doesn't really mean much...could have something wrong with it, but i say we need a little more info on the exact concern...

no kick down to passing gear?
no throttle response?
Ya it doesn't kick down and even if I manually shift it down to 2nd gear and floor it it acts like it doesn't want to open up. But then also sometimes it does kick down
ok, then lets take a look at the tranny....if you drive "normally" to between 45-55 does it go thought the gears? All the way to over drive? Any slips?
It goes through all gears with no slipping even when it does down shift there is no slipping then either
I'm betting its that trans. Sounds like my old trans.

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