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Need help

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I have researched pretty much everywhere and I sick of looking to no avail. Can anyone tell me what the size is on the 7mm hex head screws that are in the dash? I have several missing and want to order a larger supply of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (94 Z28)
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Dash uses these sizes, all metric. Dimensions will be 1. size 2. thread pitch 3. length
4.2 X 1.41 X 25
4.2 X 1.41 X 20

Remember, bolts or screws are listed by size of it's shaft and not what size socket fits.

Next time you need to look up a part of your car, may I suggest the 4th gen parts books located in the sticky threads of the 4th gen section. That is where I found the info for you.

Now, all you have to do is to find a supplier for these.
Thank you for the help! Just ordered 50 for 9.00 shipped from clips and fasteners... way better than buying them 3 at a time on ebay for 6$ a piece. I thought that I had checked every resource before asking this question. Thanks for the info on the stickies!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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