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need help on ring and pinion gears

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I have a rearend out of a 1997 z28 camaro that needs ring and pinion gears they were gone when i got it im not sure if it takes series 2 or series 3 gears the guy i got it from said it took the thinner gear in it cause thick gear wouldnt work he tried it just needin to know what series the thinner gear is
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Unless the whole rear end assembly has been changed, find the rpo sticker, should be in either glove box or center console. GU2= 2.73
GU4=3.23 GU6=3.42

2.73 gears use the series 2 carrier and needs to get gears for a series 2 carrier.

3.23 & 3.42 use a series 3 carrier and must use gears for a series 3 carrier.
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