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Need help. Battery Camaro 2000.

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Hi! I'm from Spain. I have a Camaro z28 year 2000 and I need to replace my battery. I need to know the minimal ccc, Ah that i need. So the stock specifications for the fine work. I CAN'T TO BUY optima batteries because I'm from Spain. There are only varta, bosch, batteries here.Finally I would need the biggest battery size that fit in the tray box battery. Thank you.Sergio
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the minimum cca for your car would be @ 525 cca, but if I were you i'd put in a 600-700 cca for a good size battery with no problems turning on, etc.
Welcome to the forum Sergio. Glad to have members from far away places that love American iron.

I am wondering, do they sell side terminal batteries in Europe, since GM cars are not exactly common there.
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