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ok my car is a 383 with a p1sc, it has been rebuilt twice in 2 yrs because of dumb reasons. first thing i need someone to tune it, i live in louisville kentucky and im willing to travel a reasonable distance. 2nd im going to put new 02's in the car and plugs before the tune right know the car wont even run. my big worry is that the cylinder walls have been flushed with fuel.
i know i can put oil into the cc and it should help the new rings seal,
but the first set of plugs have fouled already and its only been running a max of 5min.
i have plasma moly rings which arent as bad as chrome moly when it comes to sealing, should i be worried, if there is a vendor out there that can help please let me know. im looking to have this done in about 2 weeks.
and if you can respond with some prices for a tune. thank you.

owe and the car is a LT1 383 sorry,
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