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My free Borla

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I got a free Borla exhaust today. Came off my friends dads camaro that flooded during a hurricane. I say free but I did enough helping on their cars and such to finally get it out of their garage. Just needs some more polishing.

After a few minutes of half ass polishing.
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"Free" is always good, but a "free" Borla exhaust is pretty awesome. That is no cheap piece of equipment. Who said 'hard work doesn't pay' :) Congrats.
Thanks. Ive done a good bit of work for them but still think I owe a few favors after this one. And yea they arent cheap to buy anywheres new or used. These are same people I bought the zo6 rims and all suspension in my sig about a year ago. And got all that for pretty much a steal then.
Good price.

I ran a Borla for while. I put a twister muffler in the I pipe so it wasn't raspy when running open. Its pretty quiet going through the big muffler. I wouldn't worry about polishing either if you drive the car much. I took the time to clean mine up, but it was filthy again within a month.
Yea I didnt spend a lot of time polishing since it is mostly hidden and sees a lot of dirt. Just wanted to clean the surface a little. Been sitting stacked up in the corner of a garage since hurricane Ike flooded the car and area.
Nice! That looks to be a really clean piece. The ones i normally see tend to have rust/corrosion on and around the flange and bolts.
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