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My first pontiac ever!!!

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WATS UP LS1/LT1 FAM!!! My name is Terence, Better Known as Deucie-hailin from KANSAS CITY know, out here by Kansas Speedway!! An yes you read the title right, THIS IS MY FIRST PONTIAC ANYTHING!!! I now own an 1995 Trans Am Ram Air WS6 w/ T-Tops! It's one of 500 that rolled off the line that year in that RARE PURPLE so I feel Happy about that. Not to Drag this Out too long but I just traded an 85' IROC w/ T-Tops, 383 Stroker-60 over bore, lt1 rods, Eldy 750 Double Pumper, 3500 rpm Stall Convertor, MSD w/ 6k amp, FRESHLY REBUILT 350 Turbo Tranny wit B&M Rachet Shifter, 3.73 gears in the rear, 22' Black and Chrome Invictus Rims JUS TO NAME THE BASICS.......ALL TO JOIN THE FAMILY!!! So I'm Happy to Be Here an Hope I'm grow to love these Beast as much as everyone else.
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The T.A has had body work done, above the wheels on both sides (got it like that) but a magnet still sticks to it so im goin back that Rare Purple. The Dash is out of an 02'. Motor an Tranny (T56 Borg Warner) are out of car but hooked together. Motor Has Been Completely over Hauled. block was Honed an Hot Tanked. Crank was turned an polished. New Stock Cam, New Valves, Lifters, Springs, Push Rods an Gaskets. AfterMarket Flywheel and Stage 2 clutch. Heads Ported and Polished, Eldebroke Headers, Punched Cat an Straight Silver Line Exhaust. COMPLETELY CLEANED AN REBUILT, noddy mile on this thing!!!! To complete the Deal I have an extra block, oil pan, pistons, rods, mains an More. I know a lot of People Say why trade an Running Car of that Caliber for a "Project" essentially... But I see the cup as half full!!! I'm boring an stroking my extra block an purchusing pistons as soon as this snow storm passes....NO DELAYING AT ll!!! I plan on getting with LLoyd Elliot for head/cam packages-I've been reading on here he has pretty good product/service & results for a reasonable price. Instead of buyin an programmer i'm jus having it tuned from a LapTop (got guys down here that Specialize in tuning). I mean I have a plan for now an long term goal for what I want( that bein a Mid 11 in 1/4 Strip that can b used for a daily driver) Is there anyone who can give me any advise how to get there? I'm not displaced about prices but I'm Certainly not against saving sum bucks every now an then, LOL!! These thing have sooooo many more CPU components than my "Ol Skool" so I'm kinda green. All Advise helps-Thanks!!!!!!
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Welcome to the 4th Gen family. Sounds like you're on the right path. I am personally skeptical of buying a car that I can not drive (unless it was priced like it had a blown motor), but I do like the purple color. Hurry-up and slap that motor & transmission back in that TA, post some pics, and enjoy putting some miles on it. LOL!! Good Luck
Thanks for the Welcome to the Board!!
Welcome to the board. Looks like you're heading in the right direction for your build and what you want good luck and get us some pics!!!
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